Game Lodge Management and Economics Course

Our Game Ranch Economics Course is not offered as a seperate OFFLINE Course, but it is included in our Game Lodge Management and Economics Course.

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    Welcome to the WildlifeCampus Certificate Qualification in Game Lodge Management and Economics. Our Game Ranch Economics Course is a module of The Game Lodge Management OFFLINE Course. The module can however be purchased seperately at a cost of R150 (incl. postage)

    This is the most comprehensive course of its kind offered anywhere in the world. This course is the best possible preparation you can undertake to begin a career in this field.
    How It Works / Registration

    This course functions as a normal traditional distance learning or correspondence course. Students are sent their course material by post and assignments are exchanged through email or fax.

    Go to to register.

    Registration is free of both cost and obligation.
    The Qualification

    The qualification achieved by completing this course is an Accredited Certificate in Game Lodge Management & Economics co-conferred by Wilderness Safaris. Successful graduates will have their certificates posted to them, there is no graduation ceremony.

    Certificate will only be issued to students who have paid their course fees in full, irrespective of whether they have completed the academic requirements.

    In addition to being a FGASA Accredited Training Provider, we've been providing courses since the year 2000. Our courses are well recognized and accepted throughout the industry and we have hundreds of past graduates working at lodges and reserves all through Sub-Saharan Africa. Our courses will certainly be of great benefit and enhancement to your C.V.
    Forms of Assessment

    You are required to complete and send in Four Assignments, one assignment per Guide Book with the exception of Guide # 5, which is not assessed.

    These assignments constitute the full assessment and testing requirements for the course. There are no final exams to complete.

    In order gain the qualification, all assignments must be successfully completed with a passmark of 65% required. Should you not achieve the 65% requirement, you will be requested to re-submit the assignment. Successfully completed assignments will be returned with a marking memorandum.

    Should your account be arrears, assignments received will not be marked or returned.
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    The Course Outline

    Guide # 1 - Introduction & Guest Care Guide # 2 - Human Resources & Administration
    Module # 1 - Introduction to Game Lodge Management
    Component # 1 - Philosophy of Game Lodge Management

    Module # 2 - Guests
    Component # 1 - Guest Care and Relations

    Module # 3 - Human Resources
    Component # 1 - Staff
    Component # 2 - Leadership
    Component # 3 - Disciplinary Procedures
    Component # 4 - Staff Duties
    Component # 5 - Staff Leave

    Module # 4 - Administration
    Component # 1 - Daily Duties & Procedures
    Component # 2 - Administrative Duties
    Component # 3 - Financial Procedures

    Guide # 3 - Equipment, Infrastructure, Safety & Emergencies Guide # 4 - Game Ranch Economics
    Module # 5 - Equipment, Infrastructure & Maintenance
    Component # 1 - Radios & Vehicles
    Component # 2 - Minimum Standards
    Component # 3 - Lodge Maintenance

    Module # 6 - Safety and Emergency Procedures
    Component # 1 - Rifle Care & Safety
    Component # 2 - Emergency Procedures

    Module # 7 - Introduction to Game Ranching
    Component # 1 - Introduction to Game Ranching

    Module # 8 - Game Ranch Economics
    Component # 1 - Upfront Cost of Game Ranches
    Component # 2 - Current Income and Expenditure of Game Ranches
    Component # 3 - Specific Infrastructure Expenses for Ecotourism
    Component # 4 - Profitability Trends in Game Ranching
    Component # 5 - Profit Drivers of Game Ranching

    Module 9 - Game Ranch Profitability and Management
    Component # 1 - Conservancies
    Component # 2 - Game Farm Profitability
    Component # 3 - Game Management and Business Ethics
    Guide # 5 - Policies & Procedures The Workbook
    Module # 10 P & P of Game Lodge Management
    Component # 1 - Front of House
    Component # 2 Administration and Finance
    Component # 3 IT
    Component # 4 - Management
    Component # 5 - Food & Beverage
    Component # 6 Back of House
    Component # 7 Housekeeping
    Component # 8 - Reservations

    Contents of the Workbook
    • Introduction
    • The Qualification
    • Duration of the course
    • Course outline
    • Forms of Assessment
    • The Practical Component
    • Contact Details
    • Recommended Reading
    • Assignments 1 - 4
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    The Certificate earned by completing the WildlifeCampus Game Lodge Management & Economics Course is co-conferred with Wilderness safaris. This is an industry recognised and accepted certificate.
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    Recommended Reading

    While this course contains all the information you need to successfully complete the course and course exams, what follows is a list of recommended reading. These texts are primarily suggested to assist you with the identification of mammals, mammal tracks, birds, insects and trees. You'll also find them invaluable when managing a reserve.

    Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa: Chris and Tilde Stuart.

    A photographic guide to Tracks and Tracking in SA: Liebenberg

    Newman's Birds of South Africa: Sappi

    Field Guide to Insects of SA: Picker G & W

    Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa: Piet and Braam van Wyk

    Guide to Grasses of Southern Africa : Frits van Oudtshoorn

    Duration of The Course

    The course can easily be completed in three - twelve months. The course consists of four Guide Books each with their own assignment.

    Students who however have the opportunity to devote greater time and energy to the course are welcome to complete the course in as short a time as possible. Dedicated and motivated students will be able to complete the course within one to three months. Note that all fees must be paid.

    The course must be completed within three years of commencing it. Should you find that you are unable to complete the course with the prescribed three years, your course duration may be extended at the discretion of WildlifeCampus, additional charges may apply.
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    Academic Support

    Full Academic Support is included in the course fees. Students are welcome to contact WildlifeCampus:

    Telephonically ⇒ 011 591 0665
  • Monday - Friday
  • 08h00 - 17h00

  • Anytime

    A qualified tutor will gladly assist you.
  • Entrance Requirements

    None whatsoever, we have an open admission policy with no barriers to entry of any kind; anyone may register and begin any course at anytime irrespective of your age, prior qualifications or schooling.

    The course has been designed so that no prior learning is required or assumed. A good command of English will be a definite advantage, although we do have thousands of students who are not English-first-language speakers.

    Students under the age of 18 do require the consent of their parents or legal guardian.
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    Pricing / Cost Options


    Monthly Instalment
    Instalments Payable for:

    Cash Price

     R           -  


     R 3,500.00

    Paid over 6 months

     R      650.00

     R     650.00

    5 months

     R 3,900.00

    Paid over 9 months

     R      480.00

     R     480.00

    8 months

     R 4,320.00

    Paid over 12 months

     R      395.00

     R     395.00

    11 months

     R 4,740.00

    All prices are inclusive of VAT
    • For students paying off the course, your first month's instalment consists of your Deposit Only. For example if you have chosen to pay for the course over 6 months, the payments required are R650 in the first month and R650 each month for the next 5 months.
      • Receipt of your deposit will allow us to send you your first Course Manual and Course Workbook.
      • Each additional deposit received will allow us to send you the next Course Manual.
      • Also note that your account must be up to date in order to have your assignments marked and returned.
    • For students who purchase the course for its cash price, the full course consisting of all the course material will be sent out within 72 hours and a tracking number will follow within 48 hours after postage.
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    How to Purchase

    Direct Deposit / EFT or Credit Card

    Go to to purchase the course.

    As soon as your deposit payment or full payment has been received your course material will be sent out within 72 hours and a tracking number will follow within 48 hours after postage.
    Credit Card
    • Go to the Offline Course Purchase page on to complete your registration and transaction securely. As soon as your payment has been processed your course material will be sent out within 72 hours and a tracking number will follow within 48 hours after postage.
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    Terms & Conditions

    Assignments Policy
    • Students are liable for all postal costs when Assignments are sent to WildlifeCampus.
    • Should assignments be sent without sufficient postage attached the assignments will be returned unmarked.
    • Should assignments be received for marking, but the student account is in arrears, the assignment will be retained and will remain unmarked and unreturned until the student account is up to date.

    Certificates Policy
    • Certificates will only be issued to course graduates under the following conditions:
      • The course for which the Certificate has been earned will need to be completed in terms of all the academic requirements.
      • Certificates will only be issued for courses that have been fully paid for.

    Cancellation Policy
    • Students may elect to cancel their offline course(s) at any time.
    • A cancellation request must be submitted in writing, e-mail is acceptable if the e-mail is acknowledged by WildlifeCampus.

      Upon cancellation:
      • Students will be liable for all fees owing up to the date of cancellation, but not be liable for any future course or tuition fees.
      • Students will forfeit any course or tuition fees already paid. No refunds of any kind will be considered or returned.
      • Students will not receive any additional course material.
      • Students will no longer be eligible for any academic support.
      • Any course assignments received will neither be marked nor returned.
      • WildlifeCampus is NOT liable for any customs duty fees that may occur in your country when posted out of SA.

    Please use the Contact Us page or e-mail us directly at for any questions or queries you might have.
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