Our Game Ranch Economics Course This course examines the trends toward game ranching, the upfront costs, ongoing revenue & expenditure, infrastructural expenses, profitability trends and profit drivers of game ranching. Its concluding Module investigates conservancies, game management and the ethics of running a successful, profitable and sustainable game ranch. Applicable to the dedicated wildlife enthusiast, prospective game farm investor and current game ranch owner, this course is a MUST for those seeking the realities of starting and running a game farm, game ranch or conservancy.
  • This course is offered in an online format at R 550.00. The online course is delivered entirely online; the course material and all assessments are accessed over the the Internet. Course content may also be downloaded, but all courses tests must be completed online.

  • The qualification (A Certificate in Game Ranch Economics) gained from completing the full course is conferred by WildlifeCampus.

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The Course Outline
Module # 1- Introduction to Game Ranching
Component # 1 - The Trend Towards Game Ranching in Southern Africa

Module # 2 - Game Ranch Economics
Component # 1 - Upfront Cost of Game Ranches
Component # 2 - Current Income and Expenditure of Game Ranches
Component # 3 - Specific Infrastructure Expenses for Ecotourism
Component # 4 - Profitability Trends in Game Ranching
Component # 5 - Profit Drivers of Game Ranching

Module # 3 - Game Ranch Profitability and Management
Component # 1 - Conservancies
Component # 2 - Game Farm Profitability
Component # 3 - Game Management and Business Ethics

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